How Does Arthrography Work?

You might be asking yourself "What is arthrography and how does it work?" Simply put, arthrography is a medical imaging technique used to evaluate the condition of joints. There are several methods to conduct an arthrography exam:

  • Conventional Arthrography – This uses fluoroscopy, which is a special form of x-ray. A contrast material containing iodine is injected directly into the joint.
  • Radiograph – This is a noninvasive medical test wherein a part of the body will be exposed to a small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body.
  • Fluoroscopy – Through this method, it is possible to see bones, joints and internal organs in motion. The iodine contrast that is injected to the joint makes it clearly visible during the x-ray evaluation. This process makes it possible to assess the anatomy and function of the joint.
  • MR Arthrography – A contrast material is injected into the material in this method. The contrast material contains gadolinium which affects the local magnetic field within the joint.




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